GREAT PLACE TO LIVE... minus some tenants/guest!

I've lived at Veridian for almost 2 years and have had absolutely no problems with Staff (Leasing and Maintenance). They’re always friendly, patient and helpful. Very helpful and get whatever needs to be done within a reasonable time.
If I have a complaint about anything it is about feeling safe here when other Tenants and/or their guests follow me in the gates. There's a lot of crime here in GA, I moved here because I felt safe. The gates always work and aren't broken every day. Tenants need to use their badges & have their guests use the key pad.
Overall, Veridian is a very nice place to live. They try their best to make us happy. There are many occasions when they celebrate a holiday or have events for everyone to meet their neighbors. (Definitely NOT a necessity for this to be a nice place to live, but greatly appreciated)